Summertime Favorites

I can hardly believe that it is already September! Well, by now we are more than two weeks into September. Summer vacation has come and gone and now everyone is back in school. Anyway,  I have a few favorites from this summer that I wanted to share with you guys. So lets jump right into it.

Favorite Beverage

Passion Tea Lemonade

Starbucks passion tea lemonade with raspberry syrup. This summer I’ve been slightly obsessed with these, I can’t even handle it. There is a lot of sugar in these, not going to lie, so my obsession needs to be put to a quick stop. But it was definitely my drink of choice for summer of 2015. I’ll always remember you passion tea, always.

Favorite Makeup Product

CC+ cream

I have been in love with this “Your Skin But Better CC+ cream” from It Cosmetics. I’ve heard crazy good reviews on this product for the longest time and a few months ago I decided to give it a try and I’m so incredibly glad that I did. Everyday that I’ve been wearing a full face of makeup, this is what I’ve been wearing. It really has great coverage and covers up any blemishes I may have, but still leaves a natural finish to the skin. It has SPF of 50+, which I really appreciate for these summer months! I also really enjoy the packaging. I feel like a lot of makeup products are so expensive and you can’t use them all completely up, because of the packaging. It angers me, since its such a waste of money, but this one is in a squeeze tube and has a pump, so you can really get every drop out of this baby!  I can’t say enough good things about this product!

Favorite Beauty Splurge


In all of my years of existence, I’ve only been into a nail salon once. And that was to get a full set of nails put on for my senior year prom. Other than that, I’ve only ever painted my nails and toenails myself. I’m constantly painting my toenails to make them look nice, but my nails, on the other hand {pun intended}, really need help. I work in a deli and nail polish doesn’t even last five minutes when I’m there. Whenever I have a weekend off I make a point to paint my nails so I can have nice looking nails for at least a few days. But, the beginning of the summer I had a week off of work and my first day off I hopped, skipped, and jumped my booty right over to a nail salon and went all out. I got a pedicure{my first ever!} and a full set with french tips. And it was the best thing, I swear, that I’ve ever done. My hands have never looked better. They lasted a long time and didn’t get ruined at work, either! So, I really can’t wait to get a new set put on sometime soon. I know it may not seem like a big deal to some people, but it may have been one of the highlights of my entire summer. {I don’t get out much….}

Favorite Summertime Event

tigers game

I bought my husband tickets to a Detroit Tigers game for his birthday. We made an entire day of it and it and we had such a fun time. We left the house pretty early to get a good parking spot downtown and then we just walked around. We got a few drinks and enjoyed the game. We sat right near first base. I told Daniel if a ball came our way, that it was up to him to protect both of us, but I almost got hit in face anyway {He was busy posting pictures on Facebook or something…famous last words}. I saw it coming towards us, but I lost it track of it while it was in the sky and it bounced off the corner of the empty seat right in front of me and, like, skimmed the top of my head. I’m just really glad I didn’t catch the ball with my forehead. I’m really thankful for that. The Tigers lost, but the experience was really fun anyway. And then we just drove around downtown and ended up MGM casino and ate a really nice dinner and lost money there {bummer..} And on the way home we got stuck in a really awful thunderstorm.. Okay, this is really sounding like a terrible experience. The Tigers lost, we lost money at the casino, thunderstorm… but it actually was a really fun day and I wouldn’t have traded it for anything.

Favorite Relaxation Technique

Adult Coloring Book

I’m  the type of person who has constantly been the proud owner of a coloring book, no matter what age I am. Whenever I’m in the dollar store I see a cool coloring book and I’m like, “Oh! Better pick this one up!” I just really like coloring, because its relaxing and takes my mind off of everything. So when I saw this ADULT COLORING BOOK at TJ MAXX, I was like, “NO WAY JOSE!!!!” It has different designs and patterns and I’ve been really enjoying it. I bought a pack of wooden coloring pencils to go along with it and I’ve been coloring a little bit each night since I bought it. I put on my pajamas, light a candle and take a few minutes to think about nothing and just color. And I love it. The cover says that it is “Anti- Stress Art Therapy for Busy People”. So no more Care Bears and Hello Kitty coloring books for me for a while!

Those a just few things that I really found myself loving these past few months! I hope everyone had a great summer. Leave me a comment and let me know something exciting you did over this summer! Hope you all are doing well!

Lots of love.

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