A Nutty Love Story

I’m a little crazy sometimes. Who me? Say it isn’t so.

No, but for real. I’m kinda silly. {Hence why my best friend growing up called me Silly and still does to this day..}

I like to make people laugh, and most importantly, I like to make myself laugh. And I think I’m funny. One day I made a Snapchat story dedicated to my love of Nutella. I shared it on my personal facebook page, but I thought I would share it on here, if anyone would like to see and get a few laughs out of it. I mean, it made my Grandma laugh and she still loves me. So here it is.

I hope this post finds you all doing well! If you’d like to follow me on snapchat and keep up with all my crazy shenanigans you can follow me at sararuiz3!

Lots of Love.

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