2014: A Year in Review


And welcome to 2015. I cannot believe it has been another year already. It has been almost exact one year since I started this whole weightloss shenanigans.

Toronto 2013

It was January 9th, 2014. Daniel and I had went on a trip to Toronto to visit family in October and I was looking at the pictures. I was embarrassed for myself in those photos. I hated how I looked. I knew I didn’t feel good about myself, but I never realized I was so big. And then I took a step on the scale (that I hadn’t touched in practically forever) and reality hit me in the face. My huge ass face. (Chin count: 3)

After that day I worked my ass off. I ate healthy and I was exercising regularly. I stopped drinking pop, eating junk, fast food, and started to feel really good about myself. I joined two different Dietbet challenges. One that lasted a month and another that lasted six months.

6 month change

And I won both of my bets and lost close to 50 pounds. I knew I had a lot more work to do, but for the first time in a long time I felt proud of myself and it really felt good. (Chin count: 2)

My last Dietbet ended the beginning of July. After I won, I allowed myself to eat a few junky meals. And then we went on vacation for a couple weeks to Texas to visit more family. That really screwed up my whole entire healthy eating and exercise. I mean, I could have made better choices, but I just didn’t. And I didn’t really care either.

The day after we got back from vacation my Grandfather passed away very unexpectedly. And it all just went downhill from there, to be quite honest. I ate whatever I wanted to eat. For months. I didn’t do much exercising. I just was lazy and felt sorry for myself.  The last few months of 2014 were just hard. And hard for everyone around me. And that was a good enough excuse for me and I just lost the motivation that I once had.


And here comes the end of December. We went to Toronto to visit the family again. I really thought that the next time that we visited that I would show up and be whole different person. But, no. (Chin count: 3…)

So that was my 2014. I had a wonderful first 7 months and the worst 5 of my life.

What did I learn? That what takes you seven months to lose can come back in a month and a half flat.

All joking aside, I’m joining the gym again. It will be easier for me to a get a good workout in. Plus, my husband is starting a different shift at work, so I will have a few more hours by myself that I might as well use to my advantage. I’m starting my healthy eating again. And I’m actually looking forward to it. I’ll have to dust my juicer off !  I have a few close friends that are joining me on this journey too. It will be good to have support and people to talk to when the times get rough.  I have some big goals and I’m not letting anything stop me this year.

2015 is my year. No doubt about it. Here is to a fresh, new start!

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