The Reason I Cancelled My Gym Membership

Yep. You read that right. I cancelled my gym membership. The day after I finally decided it was time to lose all my extra fluffiness.

A few years ago a new gym came into our town. Well, it wasn’t exactly in the town I live in, but approximately 15 minutes away from my house. It is one of those “cheap” gyms. One that promised that there would be no heavy weightlifters or people pointing and laughing at you when you trip and fly off the back of a treadmill. One that for an extra $10 a month you can go tanning and bring a friend with you whenever you go. They even gave out free pizza on Fridays!

My friend and I decided two years ago to sign up for that gym. I told myself I would go no less than three times a week. And I held onto that promise. For about two months. Until eventually I just quit going. I’m pretty sure I went to that gym less than 50 times in the two years I had my membership. I thought I had good reasons why I didn’t go. I was “sick” or “tired” after a hard day at work.  And the days I could go I would think about the times when I went and had to wait just to get on a treadmill. Or the people who would ruin my circuit training because they came in just to use a specific machine. And the weird ass people that go to cheap gyms. Sometimes I had the urge to take a bag of popcorn and sit my fat ass on an exercise bike and watch some of these crazies, because it was more entertaining than most television shows these days. I’m not saying weird people shouldn’t work out. I mean more power to them. I’m sure they went more often than I did.

The point is, I just plain and simple didn’t get my fat butt to the gym to workout. I wasn’t mentally prepared for it anyway. I was more mentally prepared for cheesecake and guacamole burgers, but whatever. I had been planning on going in and cancelling my membership for about a year.  Twenty dollars a month doesn’t seem like a lot, but when you don’t even use the gym at least once a month, it was a total waste of money.

The day I decided I was changing my life completely, I decided I was going to go cancel that membership, even if I was slightly embarrassed to do so. I made my husband go with me. I just decided no matter what, I didn’t want to use that facility anymore. It made me not like working out and I needed something easier that would push me to work out as often as possible.

After cancelling the gym membership, we went and purchased an upright, exercise bicycle. It’s a Schwinn baby and I absolutely love it. I just like the word “Schwinn”. We have a spare bedroom that we weren’t really doing anything with, so I decided to make it into an exercise room for me. I bought a yoga mat, exercise ball, some hand weights, resistance cords, and a kettle bell. With all of that equipment just a few steps away, I had no excuse not to exercise.

I just wanted to make it easy for me. To give myself absolutely no excuse not to workout. Even if I go 15 minutes on the exercise bike, it is a lot better than what I was doing. I think eventually I will get another membership. Probably somewhere closer to my house and a little nicer maybe. But, for the time being, what I’m doing right now is just fine for me and that’s all that matters.

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One response to “The Reason I Cancelled My Gym Membership”

  1. Uncle randy says:

    I remember the leg braces it hurt me to see you in those .thankyou to Ronald McDonald house. I,am glad to see you call this a lifestyle change. It’s great that Daniel is behind you. I hope this goes viral & you end up with a book deal. Go Sara you can do this. Uncle Randy

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