Follow Me Around: Flint Farmer’s Market!

I have fond memories of going to the farmer’s market as a child. I remember going with my grandparents on Saturday afternoons. The smells, the noise, the hustle and bustle of a busy market. It seemed magical. I mean, besides the fact that I was able to get an elephant ear. Talk about magic. In your mouth.

Okay, this is getting weird. Anyway, I love the farmer’s market. There are two really close to where I live. Both are brand spanking new, built this year.

So I went earlier this week. I didn’t have too much to go for. I needed red peppers for a stuffed pepper recipe I was making for dinner one day this week. Plus, it was lunchtime and I really wanted to try out one of the restaurants inside.


I picked Mexico at the Market. They only have a few meals to choose from, which normally means that what they make is extra delicious. I got chicken enchiladas with a side of beans and rice. It was really, really good. Probably the best enchiladas I have ever ate.. for real. And I’ve had a lot of enchiladas in my lifetime.


I also got a juice from Willows Garden Juice Bar. I got the “Mean Green” juice. I really, really loved this juice. It was super good and worth every penny. I seriously can’t wait to go back and try a different flavor. I highly recommend this place!


And as any normal person would do, here is a picture of my food. Yeah, I was that person at the crowded market sitting at a table by myself taking pictures of my food before I eat it. This picture doesn’t do those enchiladas justice. It was a great lunch.


I honestly don’t know which vendor that I picked up my peppers from, but I had to add them in here. I got all those peppers for $4.50! Such a good deal. That’s why I love the farmer’s market. I used the green and yellow peppers in other recipes throughout the week and made stuffed peppers with the red ones!


And then on the way home I saw these bad boys up in the sky! It’s not everyday you see hot air balloons floating around town. It was a beautiful day.

And that was my trip to the farmer’s market! I had a really good time that day, even if I was all by myself. If you live in the area, I highly recommend this farmer’s market. They have a few different meat markets, bakeries, orchard vendors, sushi, all sorts of different things!  You won’t be disappointed!


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